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The Ancient Japanese Purple Vegetable That Fights Joint Pain

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You might think arthritis pain is just a normal part of getting older. But in Japan, people don’t suffer from joint pain like they do in the US. It’s common for Japanese seniors to have mobile, healthy, pain free joints in their 80s, 90s and beyond.

Why don’t the Japanese suffer from arthritis pain as much as Americans do? Scientists think that it’s because of a strange purple vegetable that naturally fights arthritis and joint pain.

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If you’ve been to Japan, then you know there’s a huge difference between American and Japanese seniors.

At an age where most Americans suffer from crippling arthritis pain, Japanese seniors are living active lives like we did back in our twenties!It’s common to see Japanese seniors dancing…doing martial arts…participating in sports…and even running marathons!

Dr. Mark Wise has studied this phenomenon for years. And his research has shown that if Americans add a certain purple Japanese vegetable to their diet, their arthritis pain is significantly reduced.

You can buy this pain-killing purple vegetable at most grocery stores. And it tastes absolutely delicious!

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