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The “Astronaut Pee Trick” Dr. Estee Recommends For Men With Prostate Issues

Many doctors can't believe their eyes. Every patient who tried this “astronaut pee trick” experienced life-changing relief within days.

If you’re a man who has prostate issues, you need to watch Dr. Mark Estee’s new video. Many of his patients are saying “they’ve never seen anything like this.” And you can learn Dr. Estee’s science-based method in just a few minutes.

Click Here To Watch The Video


  • The “trick” astronauts use to pee in space, even without the assistance of gravity

  • Why the real cause of your prostate issues is NOT what you think - and what to focus on to finally get relief

  • The simple ingredients to the astronauts’ formula that you can find in any grocery store

  • 3 foods Dr. Estee recommends AVOIDING to get natural and lasting relief


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