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The “Astronaut Pee Trick” Dr. Estee Recommends For Men With Prostate Issues

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If you have prostate issues, the astronaut pee trick could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Did you know that astronauts have NEVER suffered from any prostate or bladder issues?

That might surprise you, because astronauts have to urinate in space. Without gravity to assist them, you would think urination would be harder and prostate issues would be more common.

And they were – when people first started going to space. But that’s why the scientists at NASA developed a special formula for the astronauts to drink daily. 

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Dr. Mark Estee, a former NASA scientist, has been studying prostate issues in astronauts for years. And he believes that by using the same formula that astronauts use, regular men here on Earth can fight back against the prostate issues that have been plaguing them.

Dr. Estee’s solution is simple, it’s based in science, and it’s worked for thousands of men across America

Just watch this video to learn how you can start using it yourself.

>> VIDEO: The Astronaut Pee Trick To Fight Prostate Problems

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